Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bleah or Yay

So I can run 2.1mi in 29min. I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy about this or saddened by it. On one hand that's a lot more than I could do earlier this week...on the other hand that's a long way away from 1.5mi in <13min (the end goal).

Also to clarify not all of that is running. 4min walk, 8min jog, 4min walk, 8min jog/run, 3-5min walk back to the apartment. Next week is 4/9/4/9/3-5. And then the week after that (finally) will be 4 walk/13 run/3-5 walk. After I do that for a week I start picking a day of the week and try to improve running speed.

The ideal goal would be to do a 5k sometime next spring in <20min. Failing that I wanna do it in <25min. I mean, Rusty can do one in <30 and if someone that old can do it a youngster like me should be able to whip it out in no time.

Also: overall blog changes coming soon! They'll be shiny!


Rusty said...

Don't set your sights on me; set them on my father-in-law. He runs 22 minute 5Ks, and he's 64.

And, come on out here and race me this Friday! Yeah, I'll smoke ya!!

What? Is that clucking I hear? Huh? Bawk Bawk Bawk BeBaaaaaawk!


joe said...

Yeah....I'd be lucky to push a 40min 5k right now. Plus you live up in yankee land. Or almost up there. Namely you do not live an inexpensive travel time away. You should try fixin' that old man!